New Book: "TELEPHONE talk" 

- From 1860 and the Invention To Internet Telephony in 2000 - By Dave Dockray


From the authors web site:

TELEPHONE talk starts with the invention and the inventors, and then in each chapter, telephones typical of each decade, plus switchboards/telephone exchanges typical of the decade and how calls are connected. Also in these chapters, is a section devoted to the repair and restoration of the telephones of each decade.

In addition to the obvious aspects of telephone history, my book also shows some of the unusual and very interesting telephone related collectibles.

A reader will see items such as toys, postcards, telephone hiders, silver plated items and some of the slightly risqué - inoffensive enough though to be allowed in an elementary school library.

" TELEPHONE talk " Table of Contents

260 pages and over 550 colour pictures. -

Chapter 1. 1860-ish The invention and inventors

Chapter 2. 1870's Transmitters and Receivers

Chapter 3. 1880's The Triple/Two Box

Chapter 4. 1890 Large Magneto Wall Phones

Chapter 5. 1900's Small Wall Phones

Chapter 6. 1900's Early Table handsets

Chapter 7. 1910's Large Single Box Wall Phones

Chapter 8. 19020's Central Battery and the Pedestal

Chapter 9. 1930's Early Automatic Telephones

Chapter 10. 1940's Bakelite

Chapter 11. 1950's Post War Developments

Chapter 12. 1960's Plastics

Chapter 13. 1970's Retro or "Back-in Time"

Chapter 14. 1980's Decorators/Novelties

Chapter 15. 1990's Mobiles

Chapter 16. 2000's Internet Telephony

Chapter 17. 20th Century - Para-PHONE-alia

Chapter 18. CAREFUL - Be aware of the Imitation

Chapter 19. French Polishing

Chapter 20. Faux Timber Paintwork

Chapter 21. Bakelite and Metal Polishing

Chapter 22. Plastic Restoration

Chapter 23. DIY Nickel Plating

Chapter 24. How to Make a Telephone




Circuit Symbols (early 1900's)

Attachments and Index

ISBN 0-9757735-0-X